About The DO

What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here?

The Austin Mega DO is an annual event held for frequent travelers and those who are simply interested in travel. These folks have an opportunity to come to Austin and sample some of the experiences, food, and beverages made here as well as an opportunity to support various charities with proceeds and special events held in and around Central Texas during the weekend. Why do this? The best reason we've come up with so far is that we are the only state with our own toast.

So why is it called a DO? There's lots of definitions supplied by the community, but the simplest description is a social event where like-minded frequent travelers gather for a variety of purposes. Our particular event is social in nature; while miles and points are certainly topics of discussion, there are no formal education events held in conjunction with the Austin Mega DO. That said, we may enjoy the company of executives and other representatives of companies in the travel and hospitality industry from time to time.

Wanna join us? Most participants come from the communities at MilePoint and FlyerTalk so those are great places to get engaged and learn what the community is all about. Then stay tuned to this site for the latest information about the next event; we hope you'll join us for a good time.


Mega DO 2015


Where: Austin, TX, USA, Erf
When: TBD
Who: Frequent Travelers
Why: Why the hell not?

Event Hotel: TBD


This space for rent.

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